Human Factors for the Private and Commercial Pilot Licences

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Safety and licensing authorities the world over, have realised that pilot skills include people skills and can, and must, he taught and learned. It is no longer enough to learn how to control the aircraft. The mental aspects of flight management must also be taught and measured.

CASA is introducing a CAAP on Human Factors to be included in future pilot training and GAPAN has begun a series of workshops on Threat and Error Management (TEMI. TEM is now a component of the CASA Human Factors subject in the Day VFR syllabus. What are people skills? People skills include communication, leadership, decision-making, as well as knowledge of our human condition and the environmental factors of flight.

The ultimate aim is to develop an awareness of, and compensation for, the limitations of the human body and mind in flight. Why learn such skills? To survive and to ensure our crew and passengers survive. Its our responsibility. A pilot not only controls the aircraft but must also be in command to the situation. Situational Awareness (SA) is the vital basis for safe management of a flight. Employers are placing greater emphasis on human factors training and licensing authorities are including a greater element of human factors in flight crew examinations - at all licence levels.

This volume is designed to introduce the subject to private and new commercial pilots who are self-developing their knowledge and skills. This subject tells us about ourselves and thats important for all aspects of our lives.

For the Australian PPL / CPL licences.

Author: Aviation Theory Centre
ISBN#: 1-875537-77-5
Pages: 192
GTIN | 9781875537778

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