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After extensive investigations, interviews with aviation employers, pilots and flying schools, Aero Circus has complied all the secrets of getting that first job (including many that are not available anywhere else) into one book.

We investigate and analyse the actual problems in GA and pass on advice about getting your first job. This advice comes straight from the employers, the actual people who give many new pilots their start in the industry. It is not sourced from careers advisers, recruitment agencies, instructors, journalists, tea-ladies or anyone else not directly involved in the process.

The book covers all the key aspects about how to prepare yourself for job hunting, what to say, do and take along with you to each of the different interview stages. It also gives you the tools to help identify if your flying skills are not up to ‘employable standard’ (hint: most aren’t) and fill in the knowledge and skills gaps so you will have everything your potential employer requires from day one.

As most first jobs are in the Top End, we also cover such topics as what you can expect from the tropical climate, how to handle the locals, and what you must know before you try to fly an aircraft in Darwin. We also cover alternatives to the Top End if sharing your yard with crocodiles is not your thing.

All up there are 11 chapters packed full of knowledge, insights and advice, most of which you won’t find anywhere else.

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This book is being printed in a small, fixed print run (it is not ‘print on demand’) so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Don’t be the only one who didn’t get their copy.

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