Suunto MC-2G Global Compass

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Hailing from Suunto's MC series, the top-of-the-line MC-2G global compass is an invaluable tool for people who require highly accurate and reliable directional measurements, such as surveyors, miners, architects, rescue patrols, hikers, boaters, and the military. The MC-2G boasts a fixed declination adjustment system--standard throughout the range--that's especially useful when working in areas with large magnetic variation. The tool's additional sighting hole, meanwhile, ensures superior accuracy, as does the jewel bearing. Add in a mirrored lid, a baseplate with a round magnifying lens, a clinometer that measures the ground slope, and a luminous bezel and markings and you have a versatile, practical compass for a variety of applications.

The real star of the MC-2G, however, is its global needle, which works anywhere on the planet. Previously, most compasses functioned well in only one of five geographic zones. That's because the compasses were balanced differently based on the zone's inclination, i.e., the vertical intensity and direction of the Earth's magnetic field. However, as people began to travel more, it became clear that globe-hoppers needed compasses with a greater geographical range. Suunto responded by developing two-zone systems--which work in either the northern or southern hemisphere--and one-zone systems such as the global MC-2G. Now there's no need to purchase several compasses before embarking on your around-the-world eco adventure.

The MC-2G, which also sports a red nylon lanyard for around-the-neck use, measures 2.5 by 0.6 by 3.9 inches (W x H x D) with the lid closed and weighs a mere 2.65 ounces.

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